The UTM Advantage

Elevating your brand with Strategic analytics

from Advit Sahdev

Unlock the Power of Data: Elevate Your Brand with UTM Mastery

Dive into the world of UTM parameters and transform your data into actionable insights.

Comprehensive Course Curriculum: Your Pathway to UTM Mastery

Embark on a structured learning journey designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to leverage UTM parameters effectively. Our curriculum is crafted to provide deep insights into each aspect of UTM tracking, ensuring you can apply these skills in real-world scenarios to drive your brand's growth.

Understanding the basics: What are UTM parameters and why are they important for your marketing strategy?

Learn how to correctly set up and implement UTM parameters across various marketing platforms.

Techniques for analyzing UTM data to gain insights into campaign performance and customer behavior.

Apply your knowledge to optimize marketing campaigns, improve engagement, and increase conversions.

Strategies for leveraging UTM data beyond marketing—enhancing collaboration with sales, customer service, and finance teams.

Dive into advanced tactics and tools for UTM tracking, including automation and integration with analytics platforms.

Explore real-world case studies that illustrate the strategic application of UTM parameters for business growth.

Overcoming UTM Challenges: How Our Course Bridges the Gap

Many brands struggle to fully leverage UTM parameters, facing obstacles in tracking, analyzing, and optimizing their marketing efforts for maximum impact. Our course is designed to address these common challenges, providing you with the knowledge and tools needed for complete visibility into your marketing campaigns, enhancing cross-team communication, and ultimately, increasing customer satisfaction.

Problem: Difficulty in setting up and interpreting UTM parameters correctly leads to incomplete tracking and lost insights.

Solution: Our course offers detailed guidance on setting up UTM parameters effectively and using analytics tools to monitor campaigns in real-time.

Problem: Without proper use of UTM parameters, brands miss out on critical data, making it hard to assess the success of their marketing strategies.

Solution: We teach you to analyze UTM data to gain comprehensive insights into your marketing efforts, enabling data-driven decisions.

Problem: Failure to analyze UTM data correctly results in missed opportunities for campaign optimization and growth.

Solution: Learn advanced techniques for leveraging UTM parameters to continually refine and enhance your marketing strategies for optimal performance.

Problem: Siloed data and lack of shared insights hinder effective communication and alignment between marketing, sales, customer service, and other departments.

Solution: Our curriculum emphasizes collaborative strategies, ensuring that UTM data is accessible and actionable across departments.

Problem: Ineffective targeting and personalization due to poor data analysis can lead to lower customer engagement and satisfaction.

Solution: Gain skills to utilize UTM parameters for better targeting and personalization, enhancing customer experiences and satisfaction.

Transformations & Triumphs: Learn about your Trainer

Advit Sahdev is one of the most accomplished marketers who has worked with brands like Intel, P&G, Unilever, Apple, Toyota, Marks & Spencer and over 500 large brands with 5000 Small and Medium brands.
Advit Sahdev has been covered in -

Key Appreciation on Exclusive Performance Marketing Consulting

Experience of Over 500 Brands: Exclusive Performance Marketing Consulting

Advit as Speaker, Lecturer, Author, Brand Mentor, Consultant, Jury & more.

A unique opportunity to Work with the best in the industry

Partner with our data-driven marketing analytics expert. Leverage cutting-edge tools, analyze key metrics, and make informed decisions that propel your business forward. Unlock the power of data-driven marketing. Claim your free consultation now!

In an unbelievable success case, Advit was able to scale the ROI on paid spends from 3x to 39x in less than 6 months. This means a total improvement in ROI of 13 times. This resulted in significant reduction in loss % for the brand.

In another exceptional performance, Advit was able to acquire over 10 Million users for CoinDCX in less than 7 months. This shifted CoinDCX from #3 to #1 in terms of fastest growing Crypto exchange in India, and also ensured that CoinDCX was the only brand to double it’s valuation to ~2 Billion USD

During COVID, Advit helped over 3500 hospitals, nursing homes and individual clinic owners to set up their digital marketing functions, grow their patient base, revenue and profits, despite tough competition from large healthcare corporates around them.

From 2014, to 2017, as head of marketing for Infibeam, Advit was instrumental in making hte brand profitable, taking it to India’s first eCommerce IPO and quadruple it’s valuation in less than 1.5 years (post IPO)

In one single month, the entire online sales was more than what it was for the entire year! This was the result of a lot of creative and innovative marketing. Advit worked with Airtel for the launch of iPhone on their eCom platform.

The campaign resulted in unprecedented car sales, pre-bookings and an Award from Toyota Asia on Innovation. A social media campaign across multiple cities, led by Advit and his team.

Myntra became the most popular and well known national level brand on social media, and this led to them diversifying their product portfolio, secure next funding round, and also tie up with brands like Nike and BCCI for some of the largest campaigns. Advit and team were responsible for Myntra’s social media

Advit has always been a result oriented marketer (thanks to his engineering background), and has delivered results for every single brand he has worked for. Advit consults for his passion and thus provides solutions that are analytical, and creative.

Optimize your marketing performance with advanced analytics. Measure, analyze, and fine-tune campaigns for optimal results. Leverage data-driven insights to achieve your business objectives. Claim your free consultation now!

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