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Advit Sahdev has been helping consumer brands grow online. His work comprises of each and every area of Marketing (Paid, Organic, PR, Social and more)
Whether you’re an emerging brand ready to make a splash or an established powerhouse aiming for new heights, we’re the fuel to your fire.
“I have had the honor of working with some of the most exceptional minds in the business world, and I can confidently say that Advit is one of them.”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

World’s no. 1 Executive Coach

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Transform Challenges
on Marketing into Opportunities

Digital Marketing is world’s # 1 way to grow your business and it’s a labyrinth of opportunities and challenges.
That’s where we come in.
We navigate the complexities of Digital Marketing, freeing you to focus on your core business. It’s the smart way to allocate your most valuable resource – your time.

We Understand Your Business Growth and Digital Marketing Challenges

Navigating the Digital marketing world can feel like venturing into uncharted territory. We understand the unique challenges you face as a brand trying to grow your presence and sales online. Here are some of the most common hurdles we help our clients overcome:

Organic Growth

Organic business growth is a complex beast. Crafting professional strategies for not just SEO / ASO, but also for CRM in order to ensure repeat sales, customer loyalty and retention, generating referrals and creating brand advocacy requires a deep understanding and experience of the consumer landscape.
It’s not just about getting your products found, but also about compelling potential customers to click and buy.

Markting Audit

If you look at marketing best practices, can you rate your team? From 0 to 10? Are they an 8 or a 4? I am not talking about results, but best practices?

To implement a marketing audit checklist for each and every marketing channel, communication, and process, you need the support of an expert, so as to protect yourself again all adversities.

Marketing Operations

Keeping your marketing team and the top of their game, for maximum productivity is critical. It involves monitoring performance metrics, handling objections, and staying updated with digital marketing’s ever-changing digital marketing landscape.
One misstep can lead to losses, or worse, business shutdown.

Optimized Advertising

Developing and optimizing ad campaigns on Google / Facebook / Programmatic / Linkedin etc. involves strategic keyword bidding, continuous monitoring, and regular tweaking to ensure maximum ROI.
The environment is highly competitive and ever-changing, necessitating alertness and agility at all times.

Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Staying ahead requires ongoing consultations and strategic planning.
It’s not enough to merely stay up; you also need to look forward and seize new chances.

Brand Protection

Protecting your brand from poor quality traffic, fraud users, reputation damaging content is a constant battle. It’s crucial to have robust strategies in place to defend your brand’s integrity and customer trust.
This difficulty calls for a proactive mindset and round-the-clock monitoring.
We’ve been helping brands like yours navigate the digital marketing landscape since 2010, transforming these challenges into opportunities for growth.

Tailored Solutions to
Accelerate Growth online

We offer 4 options to supercharge your brand via Digital Marketing

Full-Consultancy Management

More than just managing your consultant, we become your strategic partner, optimizing your brand’s entire digital presence for maximum growth. We essentially act like your brand’s Chief Growth and Marketing Officer.
Our Full-Consultancy Management is our flagship offering and a client favorite. We pull out all the stops to ensure your brand thrives online. As a Full-Consultancy client, a partial list of what you can expect includes:

LifeTime Value Optimization

We transform your existing customers or build you new ones from scratch. We use CRM, SEO and graphic design best practices to amplify your visibility and improve your conversion rates.
Our LifeTime Value Optimization service is the perfect choice for brands looking for top-notch campaigns especially driven to improve the yearly return per customer. Here’s what’s included:

Paid Ads Optimisation

In this offering, we ensure that we provide the maximum ROI you can generate from your campaigns – ever. This is what our super power is.
If you need help creating and managing campaigns that speak to your ideal customers, we’re here to offer advice. We use data-driven techniques to make sure your advertising gets seen, gets people talking, and generates business.
Advertising online, once a luxury, is now essential for companies wanting to rapidly expand their presence there. We employ cutting-edge advertising methods to raise awareness of your brand and, by extension, your sales.


Whether it is as detailed of the implementation of a Google Ads PMax campaign, or a strategic product launch, everything requires you to follow global best practices used by the top brands across the world.

Our revolutionary monthly subscription service helps you not only audit your brand for across the board marketing audit services, but also suggest what needs to be implemented in order to ensure that you are utilizing each and every penny of your marketing expenses

Mareview is great for brand owners, wholesalers, aggregators, agencies, and emerging sellers.


Experience That Speaks Volumes

When you choose Advit Sahdev as your marketing consultant, you’re partnering with a group that has been influencing the success of online businesses since 2010. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the trenches as a boutique, hands-on agency.
As a founder-run business, you can expect to receive the individualized attention and devoted service you deserve. Your success is our success, and we are dedicated to achieving this.

Getting Started

Our streamlined induction procedure is straightforward and lays the groundwork for a fruitful partnership. Here’s what to expect:

Schedule Your Discovery Call

We will learn about your company, discuss its growth challenges and objectives, and investigate how we can assist. If we are compatible, we will create a game plan. If not, we will direct you to the appropriate resources and individuals.

Share your Brand Assets

You will receive an organized list of the brand assets we require to launch our project. This ensures that we have everything necessary to accurately and effectively represent your brand.

Kickoff Call

Participate in a comprehensive kickoff call in which we will delve deeply into your brand, strategy, deliverables, and deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a modest, hands-on consultancy that is right there in the thick of things with you. You are a valued partner with us, not just another account that is passed through account managers. You can rely on getting the attentive care and committed service you require from a founder-operated consultancy service. We are dedicated to making your success a reality because it is also our success.
Consultancy Management is our flagship offering and a client favorite. We don’t just manage your digital marketing consultancy, we become your partner in success. We pull out all the stops to ensure your brand thrives online. As a Full-Consultancy client, a partial list of detailed consulting on what you can expect includes:
  • Organic Marketing: Masterfully crafted copywriting, optimized for SEO. 
  • Advertising: Cutting-edge development and fine-tuning of ad campaigns. 
  • Marketing Operations: Ensuring your agency / team performs at the highest standards and maximum efficiency. 
  • Strategy: Regular consultations to keep your brand at the forefront of innovation. 
  • Graphic Design: Captivating Content and Brand Store UI/UX.
  • Brand Protection: Robust defense against fraud and low quality users, also against reputation damage.
Our LifeTime Value Optimization service is the perfect choice for brands looking for top-notch campaigns especially driven to improve the yearly return per customer. Here’s what’s included:
  • Targeted Customer Cohort Campaigns – We not only leverage some of the most advanced customer cohort creation processes, but put them into action on all your communication platforms to generate personalized connections.
  • Cross-channel promotions – We ensure that your customers are always connected with your brand via well planned and methodical journeys on email, SMS, Whatsapp, Call or any other channel that is relevant for your sales.
  • Product Recommendations Strategy – Product and Category recommendations is one of the best ways to generate higher sales per customer and we recommend the best-in-class strategies that are tailor made for your needs.
  • Customer Intent Identification – Our proprietary User Quality Score enables you and your brand to understand the exact intent of a customer at any given point in time and thus provide relevant communication to increase sales.
  • Loyalty and Retention Strategies – We have mastered the science of loyalty and retention and work with you and your team to provide strategies that are not only world class, but also the most apt for your business needs.
  • Referral Marketing  – Referral or word of mouth marketing can sometimes be difficult and this is where we come in as we ensure that every single customer not only directly adds to your sales, but also becomes your sales agent by generating more referrals.
Advertising online, once a luxury, is now essential for companies wanting to rapidly expand their presence there. We employ cutting-edge advertising methods to raise awareness of your brand and, by extension, your sales.

Advertising Campaign Structure – We tailor our advertising strategies to meet your specific goals during the campaign development phase. The optimal outcome can only be attained by using the appropriate tool.

Campaign management – Management, monitoring, and reporting on your campaigns are all things we do on an ongoing basis. Keyword optimisation, bid optimization, trademark protection, and branded vs. non-branded conversions are just some of the data-driven factors we track and manage.

Campaign KPI Tracking – Advertising key performance indicators (KPIs) are tracked and reported on a weekly basis.

Regular Calls and Support – We have deep dive Ad calls on a regular basis to keep you informed. Constant assistance: feel free to contact us whenever you have any inquiries or need any assistance.

In one line, you can now get all your marketing audited by experts, take expert opinion and get the best results even before you go to market. 

Our revolutionary monthly subscription service helps you manage end to end digital marketing for your business. You get unlimited monthly support requests, we handle them for you one at a time. You receive confirmation when tasks are completed or pending action.

  • Requests for monthly assistance with digital marketing are unrestricted.
  • Put in a request for assistance, or multiple requests at once.
  • In your queue, we’ll start with the first request.
  • Every employee only handles a single pending request at a time.
  • Our target turnaround time for Active Requests is 48 hours.
  • As soon as we finish the current Active Request, we will move on to the next one in your queue.
  • There is a limit of 10 Pending Actions that can be open at any given moment.
  • An Active Request is changed to the Pending Action status if more processing is required.

A partial list of ways ExpertReview can help you:

  • Creative Reviews
  • Marketing Strategy Reviews
  • Ad campaign Reviews
  • Customer Communication Reviews
  • KPI and Trackers Reviews
  • Marketing Team Performance Reviews
  • Marketing campaign Reviews
  • Much More

Please note: Mareview does not provide graphic design, copywriting, SEO, ads, or strategy, but it reviews all of this for you.

To get started with Mareview, schedule a call to learn more.

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