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We have entered the Digital Cut-throat Economy

Every Industry has become very competitive, and there are hardly any differentiators now and difficult to retain talent, and too many copycat brands, and this leaves brands struggling with minimal marketing solutions, that work.


External help also doesn’t work due to Lack of in-depth and in-house marketing experts. Expensive consultants, Theoretical, No accountability, Always short of actionable and ready-made ideas and all this leading to Lack of trust on consultants, gurus and experts

Old Vs. New World

In the old world everyone used to get loyal team members, great product differentiations, more loyalty from customers, lesser price fights, but in the new world, who survives? One those who actually work with external partners as one single team. Transparent and Assured guidance that delivers results. Such partnerships and agreements are the ones that really work. 

The biggest risk today is to be Mediocre

You are either the best or you work with the best, but in today’s economy, the biggest few will eat the entire market and if you are not up for it, then you will not survive. This is the only way it works in this new economy.

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Advit Sahdev is India’s true Digital Marketing and E-commerce expert! Advit Sahdev marketing consulting from starting a digital marketing company, ODigMa, to working with Fortune 500 Global brands and then selling the venture for millions!

Advit went on to become the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Infibeam, which is a listed company on the Indian Stock exchange, leading a team of 200+ people. He is also a best-selling Author of several books and a guest lecturer at eminent B-schools.

Today, Advit is an eminent Keynote speaker, a digital consultant and a mentor to large corporates, powerful individuals and also young entrepreneurs! His most recent entrepreneurial venture is called HUNCH. An online ecosystem where entrepreneurs can learn, connect and succeed together!

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Advit Sahdev founded ODigMa in 2010, a digital marketing agency which was a pioneer in many ways. Within a short span of 4 years, ODigMa garnered over 250 clients across India, set up 4 offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, and grew to a team of close to 100 creative individuals, to become a full fledged digital marketing agency. ODigMa won several awards, and was acquired by Infibeam for a multi-million dollar deal.



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Social Media Marketing Objectives



Advit has been a thought leader in the marketing industry for over a decade and his views, opinions and insights have been covered in some of the top publications.


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